Need to Get Away?

Would you like to spend a few days at a prayer-soaked, Spirit-infused Christian conference center? Make a special and powerful connection with God there? Get refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged? Fill your tank so you can pour out in all the other things you do? Build relationships with people who understand you and want to encourage you, support you, and pray for you? Listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction on your writing and your life? Make some divine connections? Maybe carve out some uninterrupted writing time in a beautiful, inspiring setting?
Get all that and more at a Christian Writers Retreat!
You will leave the retreat rested, invigorated, and excited about taking the next step in your writing journey, confident that it’s precisely where God wants you to go. And that you have the prayers, support, and encouragement to get there.

For 2022, we have two Christian Writers Retreat location options to choose from:

June 2022

November 2022

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Christian Writers Retreats Facebook page.
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