Make Plans to Connect

Christian Writers Retreats are all about connections!

We provide an opportunity for everyone in the Christian writing community—and those who are considering getting into this exciting field—to:

  • Connect with God, first and foremost. We want you to have a powerful, intimate interaction with your heavenly Father. He called you to this ministry, has great plans for you, and wants to reveal to you the next step in the journey He has for you. Come sit at Jesus’s feet and listen to His still small voice speak to your heart.

  • Connect with your peers. Paid registrants will receive access to a private Facebook group where they can make plans to connect at the retreat. Schedule one-on-one appointments, plan small-group mentoring sessions or critique groups, whatever will make this weekend special and meaningful for you.
  • Connect with your writing. Come away from your daily life responsibilities and focus on whatever God has called you to write. Spend some quiet time in your room or out in nature and make some serious progress on your manuscript.
  • Connect with industry professionals. Paid registrants who are agents, publishers, established authors, freelance editors, and writing mentors may choose to make themselves available for one-on-one appointments or small-group sessions. “Divine appointments” happen at these retreats. Come with eager anticipation for which people God will put in your path.
  • Connect with nature. Refresh your spirit and your body by taking walks along the trails and paths that surround the retreat grounds.
  • Connect with your spouse. You don’t need to leave your spouse at home! Share this experience with your husband or wife. Spend focused quality time together. Take nature walks. Enjoy the worship music. Talk about your writing journey with your most important supporter. If your spouse isn’t interested in some of the writer-specific aspects of the retreat, one or both of you can skip those activities.

We want you to make your retreat whatever you need it to be. Attend the presentations if you wish. Meditate on the contents of the booklet if that appeals to you. Spend as much time as you want taking walks, relaxing, praying, writing. Ask God what He would have you do that would be most meaningful for you and provide what you need at this step in your journey.

Make plans in advance to connect with people at the retreat, or go with no preparation and see which people the Holy Spirit connects you with there, or simply plan on connecting with the God who loves you. Whatever your intentions, remember that God may have something even better in mind for you than what you expected or planned!