November 2021 Schedule

If you would like to organize a small-group activity, mention it on the private Facebook group for attendees. If several others express interest in your activity, and you’d like to schedule a time for it to happen in the Lakeside Lounge meeting room during one of our Open Times, use the Contact page to submit a suggestion.


Note that all activities are optional. We want you to make this retreat whatever you need it to be. Attend any or all of the scheduled presentations, or skip some or all if you’d prefer to spend your time walking through the redwoods, praying in your room, connecting with friends, or anything else the Holy Spirit leads you to do.


1:30-4:00    Check in at the Williams Welcome Center in the Administration Building (up the stairs to the left of the post office)
    Get your booklet, name tag, lanyard, and room assignment. 
    Note: Rooms will not be ready until 4:30, so leave your luggage in your car or in Lakeside Lounge.

4:30-5:15    Get your room key in Lakeside Lounge. 
    Take your luggage to your room, get settled in, then return to Lakeside Lounge.

5:15    Welcome and announcements in Lakeside Lounge
5:30    Worship and Soul Care presentation with Dave and Keri Lippman
6:00    Open Meet & Greet mingling time
Dinner in the dining hall
8:30    Evening praise, worship, and fun



7:00    Early risers devotional and prayer time with Kelly Harrel
8:30    Breakfast in the dining hall
10:00   Worship and Soul Care presentation with Dave and Keri Lippman
10:30   Reflection time on your own or small-group genre gatherings in Lakeside Lounge
11:30    Reflection time on your own or:


Troubleshooting Rejections with literary agent Nick Harrison
Is it the writing? The marketability? Lack of platform? Wrong publisher? Find out in this session with Nick Harrison of WordServe Literary Agency. Participants who bring a manuscript, proposal, or query letter to this session will leave with a suggested plan of action on what to do with it next.

1:00    Lunch in the dining hall
2:00    Worship and Soul Care presentation with Dave and Keri Lippman
3:00    Reflection time on your own or:

From Idea to Book with Kay Strom
Do you have an idea for something you’d like to write but you’re not sure how to turn it into a publishable book? Multi-published author Kay Strom will help you consider what it takes to get that idea out of your head and into a marketable manuscript.

4:00    Worship and Soul Care presentation with Dave and Keri Lippman
4:30    Reflection time on your own or:


Remaining In the Race When Times Get Tough with Rusty Wright
As a writer, editor, or publishing professional, you may love what you do and be very good at it. But life can throw some curve balls.  Opposition, financial woes, poor health, broken relationships, and more can make you feel like giving up.  Veteran communicator Rusty Wright will share personal stories to encourage you, then open the session up for small-group interaction. You’ll leave knowing you can land on your feet and stay in the race when life goes haywire!

5:30    Reflection time on your own or small-group genre gatherings in Lakeside Lounge 
6:30    Dinner in the dining hall
7:45    At Your Request mini concert with Dave Talbott


Time Change! Set your clock back an hour.



6:00    Hike to the Cross 
Meet Bill Fernald at the Mount Hermon post office. He’ll lead us on a fairly easy hike up to the cross and get there just before dawn. We’ll have some sharing, singing, and prayer, and then … sunrise!

8:30    Breakfast in the dining hall
10:00    Sunday service
10:45    Reflection time on your own
12:00    Closing session
1:00    Lunch in the dining hall
2:30    Deadline to check out of your room