What People Say about Christian Writers Retreats

I had such an amazing time this past weekend. It was great to feel refreshed and reset. I made connections with writer friends and God, which was wonderful. I feel super refreshed and restored. The retreat filled my love, energy, and connection buckets. It was exactly what my heart and soul needed.

Tiffany Joy
Mount Hermon CWR 2021
I’m glad this was a small retreat instead of the bigger conference. I came to the retreat very tired in many ways, so I was glad to not have a lot of teaching that I wouldn’t be able to follow through on at this time. I really needed more of a rest and deeper spiritual refreshment drawing from streams of Living Water, helping me listen more to Christ and focus on spiritual direction. The worship times and inspirational talks were good. The best part was getting to know a few of the attendees. They encouraged me, sharing how the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives and through their writing projects.
Peggy Pollard
Mount Hermon CWR 2021
The Christian Writers Retreat was inspiring in many ways, especially being with other Christian writers and encouraging each other. The worship and workshops were inspiring, and so was the beautiful environment. I especially loved seeing old friends. The music was wonderful! I can hardly wait to go again next year.
Janet Collins
Mount Hermon CWR 2021
I was in dire need of rest and refreshing, and I received both. Getting back to nature and away from my lists was such a blessing. I had pretty much quit writing, as it had become laborious, even during my morning quiet time. I needed a fresh time in a different place to renew my desire, or redirect it if that’s where God was leading. The best part for me was knowing that I wasn’t alone in feeling lost with my writing. Realizing that others were struggling as well made me feel a little less weary. And hearing from those who were succeeding gave me hope for my future endeavors. I needed this … all of it.
Sandy Moffet
Mount Hermon CWR 2021
This retreat was transformational for me! I desperately needed to hear from the Lord about my writing: Am I on the right track? Has He truly called me to this? Are all these dreams really from Him? (Spoiler alert: Yes to all of the above!) The way the retreat was structured made it possible for me to spend uninterrupted time in God’s presence, listen to His voice, and hear directly from His heart. I came into this weekend carrying uncertainty and fear, and I left feeling encouraged and FREE. It was a weekend I’ll never forget.
Susan Crawford
Mount Hermon CWR 2021
The Christian Writers Retreat at Mount Hermon is a breath of fresh air for both experienced and beginning writers. I found it to be an opportunity for rest, refreshment, encouragement, and fellowship with others who share my passion for writing. It’s a new "must" on my yearly calendar.
Nick Harrison, WordServe literary agent
Mount Hermon CWR 2021
I greatly enjoyed my time at the retreat. So many dedicated people, and such desire to know and do God’s best. It was obvious that lots of prayer and faith went into the weekend, and it all certainly glorified Jesus. Interaction with other conferees to see how God is working in their lives was inspiring! Lovely setting, with deep personal connection. Time to pursue God’s leading. Spiritually uplifting and professionally edifying sessions. Time to spend with Jesus and others. An opportunity for writers to seek Him, to interact with and learn from peers, and to discern and follow His leading in their lives and communication work. An excellent event!
Rusty Wright
Mount Hermon CWR 2021