make plans to connect

However, registration is still open for the VIRTUAL RETREAT OPTION.

The Christian Writers Retreat at Mount Hermon has a public Facebook group where you can chat with people who are thinking about coming to the retreat.

As a paid registrant, you also have access to a private Facebook group for attendees, where you can make plans to connect with your fellow registrants at the retreat.

Want to:

  • Schedule one-on-one appointments with fellow attendees?
  • Get together with people who write in the same genre you do?
  • Connect with critique partners?
  • Offer mentoring or get some mentoring?
  • Form a small group to discuss a specific topic of interest?
  • Meet with fellow attendees in your field (agents, acquisitions editors, freelance editors, multi-published authors, etc.)?

Go to the private Facebook group for attendees and post about what you’re looking to get from the retreat. Others with the same interest or those who can provide what you’re looking for can respond to the group or personally by Messenger.

If you are an agent, acquisitions editor, freelance editor, or writing mentor and want to connect with potential clients, post on the private Facebook group your name, bio, what you’re looking for, and contact information. Retreat attendees can respond in the Facebook group or through Messenger, or contact you directly, and you can set up one-on-one appointments. (You keep track of your own schedule.)

If you are an industry professional and want to meet with your current clients at the retreat, you may contact them directly, send them the link to register, and make plans to meet.

One-on-one appointments and small-group get-togethers can be planned for any of the outdoor common areas on a first-come, first-served basis. The Christian Writers Retreat has one meeting room, Lakeside Lounge, which will be used for presentations and worship. (See map to locate available meeting areas.) Since other guest groups will be going on at the same time, outdoor public areas cannot be reserved in advance.

You may make plans to meet in your Mount Hermon lodging room or an off-site cabin, hotel, or a B&B you are renting. However, it is important that you avoid any plans that may result in two people of opposite genders being alone in a closed-door room (with the exception of a married couple or parent/child).

If there’s enough interest in a particular activity, we may be able to make room in the schedule to hold it in the Lakeside Lounge meeting room.

Will you be driving (your own car or a rental) and have extra room in your vehicle for one or more passengers? Post on the public or private Facebook page if you’re willing to pick someone up from the airport or another location (such as a local cabin, hotel, or B&B).

Will you be flying in and need a ride from the airport to the conference center? Post on the public or private Facebook page when you plan to arrive and set up a connection. (The nearest major airport is SJC, Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport.)

Will you be staying off campus and need a ride from your lodging to the conference center and back each day? Post your need on the public or private Facebook page.

Want to sign up for double-occupancy or triple+-occupancy lodging but don’t have writer friends to share a room with? Communicate in the public or private Facebook group with others who are also looking for roommates. After making an initial contact in the group, you can Private Message to share details and contact information.

If you don’t know anyone to room with, we will prayerfully match you with a roommate. We’ll do our best to connect roommates based on age range, time zone, and any details you specify on the registration form.

If you need to make these arrangements before registering, use the public Facebook page.
After you’ve registered, use the private Facebook page for attendees.