Can’t get away from commitments to home, family, church, or work to attend the retreat? Can’t afford to fly somewhere for a retreat? First weekend of November doesn’t work for you? You have options!


For $100, we will send you a link to join the private Facebook group, where you can access recordings of  the speakers’ presentations (including worship) and watch them whenever it’s convenient for you, through December 31, 2021.  We will send you a PDF of the retreat booklet, which includes inspirational quotes, reflection prompts, and pictures of Mount Hermon to enhance your experience.

Have the retreat in your home or at a park, hotel, B&B, or anywhere you find inspiring.

Do it alone with God or invite writer friends to join you. (You may share the booklet PDF with your writer friends who participate in the personal retreat with you.)

For $25, we will send you just the PDF of the retreat booklet to use in your private devotional time.



Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of your personal writers retreat:

  • Choose a location: Go somewhere different, preferably someplace quiet and inspiring. If you often go to a local coffee shop to write, try one in a different neighborhood. If you can’t get out of the house, pick a room you don’t usually work in. If you can’t find a quiet place, wear headphones.
  • Set a goal: Come up with a specific, measurable goal that you want to achieve during this time. Write or print it on a piece of paper and tape it near your writing space or in your booklet.
  • Create a schedule: Write out a plan for yourself, including coffee and snack breaks and time to be still, relax, pray, and listen to God’s voice. If you have the time, take a walk, run, or hike, or plan a writing-related adventure. Taking a break can inspire new ideas and renew your enthusiasm. On your breaks, don’t think about how much you’ve accomplished or how far you’ve advanced toward your goal. Just enjoy the chance to dedicate time to writing and to God.
  • Plan ahead to avoid distractions. To keep from being distracted by email, leave your phone somewhere else and turn off your computer’s Wi-Fi.
  • End your retreat with a personal debrief. Before you wrap things up, spend a few minutes reflecting on the experience and write down your thoughts on a fresh page in your booklet, a journal, a spiral notebook, or a computer document. What did you discover during the retreat? What did you accomplish? Which parts of the retreat did you find especially beneficial? Which did you enjoy most? What could you do next time to make it even better? Start right away making plans for your next retreat.
  • Share with others. Talk to your writer friends about your experience. Ask if they’d be interested in doing a retreat with you, either at a retreat location or on your own.

Pray about whether God might want you to attend an in-person retreat. If you feel drawn to do so, ask Him to show you how He can provide a way and overcome any obstacles that may seem to be in the way.