Connect in SoCal

Make Plans to Connect!

Once you’ve registered for the SoCal Christian Writers Retreat, you will gain access to a private Facebook group for attendees, where you can make plans to connect with your fellow registrants.

Want to:

  • Schedule one-on-one appointments with fellow attendees?
  • Get together with people who write in the same genre you do?
  • Connect with critique partners?
  • Form a small group to discuss a specific topic of interest?
  • Meet with fellow attendees in your field (agents, acquisitions editors, freelance editors, multi-published authors, etc.)?

Go to the private Facebook group for attendees and post about what you’re looking to get from the retreat. Others with the same interest or those who can provide what you’re looking for can respond to the group or personally by Messenger.

If you are an agent, acquisitions editor, freelance editor, or writing mentor and want to connect with potential clients, post on the private Facebook group your name, bio, what you’re looking for, and contact information. Retreat attendees can respond in the Facebook group or through Messenger, or contact you directly, and you can set up one-on-one appointments. (You keep track of your own schedule.)

If you are an industry professional and want to meet with your current clients at the retreat, you may contact them directly, send them the link to register, and make plans to meet.